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Tuition course, Revision course & Mock Exam all in one.

Sarah will be on-hand with WhatsApp support from the moment you sign up to the day before the exam.

Sarah’s pass assurance: Sarah assures you that if you work through this course in a timely and diligent manner, you will pass. If you don’t, you will be re-enrolled on the course immediately after exam results at no additional cost.

“I know that a well-prepared student will succeed and that if you complete my platinum package course you will pass FR. I also know that people don’t learn well under too much pressure. That is why I offer pass assurance as part of my platinum package course. It has an estimated value of £100 but you don’t pay for it. That way you can relax and focus on the learning, safe in the knowledge that if things don’t go your way, I will enrol you on the course again” – Sarah

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Practice past exam questions and learn exam technique with final mock exam, detailed below

Get thorough feedback and tips
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