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Online ACCA Financial Reporting courses designed by expert tutor Sarah Ardiles to help students succeed in their exams.

Pass ACCA FR with Sarah Ardiles

Study with Sarah. She has personally created Tuition, Revision and Mock courses, carefully crafted to give you everything you need to pass your FR exam with confidence

High quality videos

A full breakdown of FR, with videos to support each stage of the syllabus

First-class course notes

First-class accompanying course notes, delivered with clarity and simplicity

Personal WhatsApp support

Sarah is with you every step of the way with her personal WhatsApp support


Sarah is a highly experienced FR tutor. She loves FR so much that she has taught it for almost 20 years! Her talent for teaching, combined with her passion for helping students pass exams, means her courses are engaging and highly effective, with an excellent pass rate. 

Sarah knows that passing exams is not just about acquiring the technical knowledge. She appreciates how important it is to build confidence in her students and keep them calm and positive in their exam preparation. Sarah’s got it covered, so let her help you.

With Sarah’s well-structured and easy-to-follow courses, plus the personal support that Sarah provides, passing FR will be both an achievable and enjoyable experience. 

Life can be busy and complicated. Studying doesn’t need to be.

Sarah's online ACCA FR courses

Sarah's courses are hosted by online learning provider FME Learn Online

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Pass ACCA FR with Sarah’s online courses

Student testimonials

Sarah, you really are the best ACCA tutor I have had. It is thanks to your dedication, depth of knowledge and excellent delivery that I passed FR. Thank you so much!
Mary Balogun
Thank you for being an amazing teacher Sarah! I really enjoyed your classes and you always went above and beyond to help us. Thank you!
Inas Ibrahim
I just wanted to say thank you for the classes, I took so much from them and the way you explained things really helped me understand the more complex topics.
Adam Webb

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